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Balloons is a ghost by myself and Galla! A friendly bundle to hang out on your desktop and bob up and down soothingly! Truly, it works wonders as a stress reliever.

Balloons was made as a part of Ghost Jam 2022, and took on the challenge of being both made in 72 hours, and made with all new assets.

Member of the Ukagaka/Ghost Development and Download webring

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Version history

  • Initial release for Ghost Jam 2022

  • Added dialogues for changing from Balloons to another ghost, so that it doesn't guilt you (as badly) for doing so.
  • Added dialogues for if you quit SSP with multiple ghosts open, so that it doesn't guilt you (as badly) for doing so. This event is currently bugged on SSP's end at the time of this release, so do keep an eye out for SSP updates!
  • Fixed events for changing to/from Balloons; it should no longer be invisible when it starts.
  • Improved fade in/out, you should no longer be able to interrupt it and have semi-transparent balloons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Angry balloon would sometimes reappear when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed issue where balloons would sometimes flicker briefly when reappearing.
  • Fixed issue where if all balloons were popped by Needle, they wouldn't immediately reappear.
  • Fixed issue where you could open the menu while the balloons were all unpopping, and end up with only some or none of them.
  • Fixed an issue where if you were on single click mode and double clicked a balloon, it would open the menu while the balloon was popping.
  • Improved balloon collision boxes; they should be pixel perfect now.
  • Fixed issue where the slim balloon would flicker while using the Customization menu.
  • Slightly rearranged the main menu.
  • Made the balloon mode toggle only appear if you're using Balloons Balloon.
  • Fixed weird behavior when using other balloons if you had it set to Slim mode.
  • Vastly improved the internal code formatting for dialogues; adding new content will no longer be the death of Zi!
  • Updated YAYA to Tc570-2.