CT Epoch Jam

Thumbnail drawn by KFC
Download their latest .nar file here!

This Chrono Trigger based ghost is a collaboration between KFC, Zarla, and myself, for Ghost Jam 2021! Bring Crono, Marle, and Lucca onto your desktop to hang out! There isn't too much content right now, but we hope to expand them in the future!

All of the adorable shell art was made by KFC, the amazing dialogues are by Zarla, and I pulled these elements together with the code! My job was the easiest of the three, truly. (Don't let them try to tell you any different! Ha, I can say what I want on my own website, and neither of you can stop me!)

There aren't too many mechanics in place for these three yet, but there are a couple of things you might find interesting! You can rename the party members in Crono's menu to any string of 5 characters (which for right now has no restrictions), and you can also position them in any order on your screen and they will always face each other properly when talking! Check it out!

Gif of the 3 main characters turning to face each other no matter what order they're arranged in

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Version history

  • Initial release for Ghost Jam 2021