Download the latest .nar file here!

Hydrate is a collab made with Zdzisiu from the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord server! It reminds you to drink water at a customizable interval, any amount of minutes up to 5 hours!

Hydrate can also send your drinking stats to other compatible ghosts, so they could potentially make comments about your drinking habits! If you're a ghost dev and you're interested in making your ghost compatible, check the information files in Hydrate's folder.

Hydrate also has a robust shell system; any new shells added will automatically be listed in the Change Shell menu, and if they have any dressups you'll get a Change Design menu with the dressups sorted into categories! If you're interested in making your own shell for Hydrate, check the information files in Hydrate's folder. I'd be glad to link any new shells on this page!

Member of the Ukagaka/Ghost Development and Download webring

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teacup shell


A teacup shell made by Zdzisiu. Comes with an optional rainbow decoration!

alkohol shell


A shell based on a martini glass, by Zdzisiu. Comes with multiple colors and an easter egg if you get a high drink streak! Drink responsibly!

potion shell


A potion shell made by Zdzisiu. Comes in lots of pretty colors, with a few alternate labels! Restore your HP or Mana while you hydrate!

poison shell


A poison shell made by Zdzisiu. Comes in lots of pretty colors, with a few alternate labels! Probably better for coating your weapon, or for sneaking into your enemies' food, than drinking.

rilakkuma shell


A cute shell of a coffee cup, by Yuyudev! Who wouldn't want their beverage adorned with an adorable bear face?

LOL mug shell


Just what it says on the tin! Made by Yuyudev, this delightful mug comes in 13 vibrant colors!

Version history

  • Hydrate will now have special comments based on how many drinks in a row you've hit!
  • Changed the shell menu to dynamically change depending on what shells you have installed. Check the link in it if you want to download more shells!
  • Added a dynamic dressup menu if the current shell has available dressup items!
  • Added a stats menu to track your stats! Please note that most of these will start at 0 since they were just added.
  • Added an option to tell Hydrate you took an extra sip of water! This won't count towards the timed drinks, but you still get some credit!
  • Hydrate will now send your stats to other ghosts when pinged, and will ping them every hour with your stats! If other ghosts are set up to receive and process these stats, you might see your other ghosts comment on them!
  • Added in the auto update system that I had removed for some reason. Hydrate will now check for updates once a day and let you know if there's something new!
  • Unfortunately, it cannot automatically check for balloon and shell updates. There are buttons in the menu to check for updates for balloons and shells, make sure you check now and then for your favorite shells!
  • Please note, if you're using the H2O balloon, that got an update as well. You should see larger balloons in the menus; if not, please ask Hydrate to update the balloon in the Config menu!
  • The reminder balloon will now time out if you don't interact with it for long enough. This is set for 5 minutes by default, but it will be shorter if you set a shorter reminder time!
  • If you're interested in having your ghost receive stats from Hydrate, or you'd like to make a shell for Hydrate, please check in Hydrate's folder for documentation!

  • Initial release

  • Fixed a small issue with the balloon