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Download the latest .nar file here!

Needle is a ghost by myself and Galla! It's a needle. A disaster needle, if you will.

Needle was made as a part of Ghost Jam 2022, and took on the new assets only challenge. It was made in 72 hours, but does not qualify for that particular challenge because we made it later in the jam week.

If you're looking for a ghost experience like no other, give Needle a try! But do mind the content warnings. And the pointy tip.

Member of the Ukagaka/Ghost Development and Download webring

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Polished shell


A shell drawn by Galla! Like the OG needle, but fancier!

Diamond Eye shell

Diamond Eye

A shell drawn by me! Can you believe I actually made a shell with shading for once?

Twemoji shell


A shell using the sewing needle emoji from the open source Twemoji emoji set!

syringe shell


A dual-purpose Hydrate shell AND Needle shell! Made by me for the 8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam (2022)!

tiny pokey pixels shell

Tiny Pokey Pixels

A tiny shell on a 16x16 canvas! Watch out, those pixels are pointy!

Close-Up View shell

Close-Up View

An absolute unit of a shell, clocking in at 5000x5030! For when you want to really get in close and inspect Needle in detail!
NOTE: SSP may struggle to run this shell; you're on your own if it crashes!

Version history

  • Fixes a critical bug that was introduced by changes to SSP, which caused Needle's talkrate to not randomize properly.
  • Needle now has some dialogues which involve motion/jittering. These dialogues may be harmful for photosensitive individuals, and as such, are filtered unless the user explicitly opts in by following the instructions in the new enable_extra_content.txt file in needle's folder.
  • Added 175 new idle dialogues. (A ~50% increase!)
  • Added many new envelope entries in various places.
  • Added new options to the name mangler.
  • Needle will now send the name of the shell it is currently using as reference1 when it pokes a ghost.
  • There is now a reaction if you drop a folder on Needle.
  • Fixed an issue where Needle's balloons would all be in the same space during the first boot sequence.
  • Updated YAYA to Tc571-5.

  • Initial release for Ghost Jam 2022

  • Fixed a small issue with the balloon not installing (hopefully)

  • Added two new envelopes, with 271 items between them!
  • Added a few new dialogues, and items to existing envelopes.
  • Improved detection for poking other ghosts, and added brief documentation in the code for how to implement the event.
  • Added dialogue for changing shells.
  • Added a check so that the same nickname will (almost certainly) not be generated twice.
  • Added a thumbnail for the master shell.
  • Tweaked an envelope to allow shell switching.
  • Fixed nickname highlighting.
  • Fixed nicknames being generated on boot when no username was set.
  • Fixed the invisible kero character not being cleared properly.
  • Fixed balloon sometimes freaking out when Needle was near the edge of the screen.
  • Added events for Tama.
  • Misc improvements.

  • Disallows illegal names that were causing issues with Needle poking other ghosts if you used them.