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Download his latest .nar file here!

S the Skeleton is an Undertale based OC of mine. He's a chill skeleton who just wants to take care of his family, but is haunted by a dark past.

S is by far my most detailed and dynamic ghost, I've put an absurd amount of hours into developing him. He has a friendship system, so if you treat him kindly you'll unlock more and more content. If you treat him poorly... honestly that route isn't very fleshed out yet, but it exists.

I often use S as a test bed for new ideas, so he has a lot of little features! My main goal for him is that he feels like a buddy with a life of his own back home, so I've also been putting a lot of focus on writing large amounts of dialogue for him.

S's main menu

Double click him anywhere but his face to bring up his menu, and explore from there! He'll also give you some info right on the main menu, such as the date and time, current season, and tempurature/moon phase if you've got weather checking enabled.

S's family menu
S's timeline menu

One of S's biggest features is his family menu, which has 14 family members for you to unlock and ask about. As you unlock more family members, he'll gain more dynamic dialogue! This affects his random dialogue, some menu dialogue, and a lot of what he has to say when you ask about other family members. There's a lot to explore!

He also has a large menu related to AU versions of himself! These don't generally add to the dynamic dialogue, but there is a lot to explore here! Many of the timelines can only be unlocked when you've spent a lot of time with S and he really trusts you.

As of 1.4.0, S now has a daily dialogue system! He has at least 1 dialogue for every day of the year (including leap years), and has an additional 5% chance to say that dialogue if he hasn't said his daily dialogue yet that day. It's not much, but hopefully it means there's always something new, even if it's pretty small! He will not say daily dialogues if you never close him, so be mindful of that.

And much more that I can't fit here! I'm always adding new things to S, so keep an eye out for updates!

Don't mind spoilers and want to know how to unlock some of S's more hidden content? Check under the spoiler tab at your own risk.

RYS mode

RYS Mode

RYS mode can be unlocked by booting S while certain conditions are met. He doesn't have as much content as normal S, but I do hope to add more to him in the future!

  1. Learn about at least 1 of S's family members, by clicking on their highlighted names in his random dialogue.
  2. Go to the 'do something' menu, and click 'Check'. Investigate for more details.
  3. Go to his question menu and ask him about his LV.
  4. Boot him on August 25th or at 8:25, AM or PM.
  5. After you've spoken to RYS a few times, if you close him and open the ghost again, you'll be back to S. Ask him about RYS in his question menu, and you'll unlock an option on the main menu to switch between the two at will.

You can ask RYS questions about himself and his life, and eventually he may ask you a question or two if you're kind to him. You can also change his name, and perform standard actions like petting and hugging.

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Version history







  • Updated the balloon. If the balloon looks strange while using the Timeline menu, you can download it here, or change your balloon to Purple Soul and ask S to update from the 'do something for you' menu!
  • Added a new secret mode! If you don't mind spoilers and want to know how to unlock it, check above under the spoiler tab.
  • S can now check the weather! If you've checked the weather recently, or if you have auto weather updates on, he may comment on the weather randomly!
  • S will now comment if you move him far enough across your screen, or move him onto a secondary monitor.
  • S can now comment on how much trash you're hoarding in your recycle bin!
  • He may also comment if you plug in a tablet, if you allow him to see programs on your PC.
  • S can now display email headers when he checks your email!
  • You can boop his nose if your friendship is high!
  • Lots of new dialogue, patched bugs, a few new expressions, and cleaned up code! Drastically less spaghetti.
  • Balloons and position on screen will now sync across shells.
  • You can opt in to beta updates! This is intended for folks on the Ukagaka Dream Team Discord server. If you'd like to help me test updates, and see new features before they're live, join us! If you're going to opt in, PLEASE BACKUP YOUR SAVE.
  • Fixed a couple typos.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging S around sometimes caused an empty balloon to pop up.
  • Fixed a bug where S would think the humidity was super high if he didn't know it.

  • Fixed weather checking. It should no longer break, even if weather.com changes their tags again.

  • Fixed location checking, whoops.

  • Added blinking animations!
  • New shell: Pink Apron!
  • Added blip-in animations!
  • New timelines menu that can be unlocked by asking him about timelines (Warning that most of the options on the right side are very dark)
  • Added lots more dialogue to the family menu
  • You can now ask about skeletons in general
  • There may be special dialogue if you pet him for a while without stopping...
  • Head collisions vastly improved
  • Slight improvements to the balloon
  • Rebalanced dialogue, dynamic dialogue should appear more often now
  • Changed the update system, it should be much faster next update!
  • Added colors when referencing certain characters, to help differentiate them
  • Various QoL tweaks and bugfixes
  • Option to ask about your music will only show if you're using a compatible player now (foobar2000, winamp, VLC)

  • Fixed a small, but frustrating, bug

  • Fixed a bug where S would stop talking after a few hours if you had a ghost he didn't recognize open
  • Fixed some more typos
  • Changed the actual values of the talk rate to match what it says in the config menu.
  • Changed the name of the red_hoodie shell folder to master, to prevent an error message from popping up due to a recent SSP update. If you still have a folder called red_hoodie in your files, you should delete it!
  • Migrated S's update files to Github!

  • Initial release