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Download the latest .nar file here!

Warrior Generator is a function-based ghost that generates names/designs/etc based on the universe of Warrior Cats! It started off as a simple name generator project, and quickly spiraled out of control. There are hundreds of design options for customization, as well as configurable lists for generating character details!

Warrior Generator's design menu
Warrior Generator's character menu

Any characters/designs/names you generate can be saved as text files, which you can then load later or share with friends. Loading a character or design file from someone else is as simple as dragging and dropping it onto the ghost!

If the shell you're using is compatible with it, you can click a button to export an image of the current design with a transparent background. And if not, all shells will have a screenshot button, which will let you take a screenshot so long as the ghost is on your primary monitor.

A randomly generated design
A randomly generated design
A randomly generated design

A randomly generated design
A randomly generated design
A randomly generated design

Not only that, it is possible to make your own shells for this ghost, too! I've included documentation within the ghost's files on how to do that. If any alternate shells are released, I will link to them here! I plan on making a few more shells myself at some point, with different linearts.

Please check the readme of any given shell for how the author wishes for their work to be used! For the Default Cat shell (the one it comes with), you can share and upload images generated, but I do not permit selling of designs created straight from the generator. It's meant as a tool to inspire you; if you see a design you like and you draw something based on it in your own way, then it's yours to do with as you wish!

PLEASE NOTE! The SAORI I wrote for this ghost was causing a false positive when downloaded. It IS NOT a virus, and here is the source code to prove it. I filed a false positive report and it seems to have been cleared up, but the wording on the page implied it would not last forever. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading it! If at all possible, I will create a new version of this SAORI in the future that doesn't have this issue.

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