(.*) Weather

([\w|\s]*) pollen is very high in your area

([\w|\s]*)--FREGSTATE FREGLOC--className="h4 today_nowcard-location">(.*)--FREGLOC FREGPOLLEN-- title="Local Pollen Alert"--FREGPOLLEN REGSUNRISE--"sunrise-line"(.*)19.128a.75.75 0 0 0 0-1.5H3.167a.75.75 0 1 0 0 1.5H21z">

(\d?\d:\d\d) (a|p)m

--REGSUNRISE REGSUNSET--"sunset-line"(.*)0v5.853zM21 19.075a.75.75 0 1 0 0-1.5H3.167a.75.75 0 1 0 0 1.5H21z">

(\d?\d:\d\d) (a|p)m

Illumination: \d--REGPHASE YAYAVER--1.1.0--YAYAVER YAYACHANGELOG--\![*]Tweaked BalloonCheck function and fixed it.\n\n\![*]Updated the pool function to be simpler and more efficient.\n\n\![*]Changed the label of the dressup button back to default.\n\n\![*]Improved RemovePauses function (now erases more variants of quicksection tags, \_?\_q\_? tags, and \_?\_w[]\_? tags).\n\n\![*]Removed the bit in string.dic that fixed the 'calendar' typo, since it's been fixed in SSP now.\n\n\![*]Added center align tag to the config menu, and center and right align tags to the todo list!\n\n\![*]Added newline function to help with align tags.\n\n\![*]Removed OnUpdate.OnMD5CompareFailure event since my use of it was redundant.\n\n\![*]Revamped the code for the update progress bar.\n\n\![*]Added loremipsum function.\n\n\![*]Removed beta tester toggle since I never ended up using it like I meant to.\n\n\![*]Shuffled stuff around in the config menu a bit.\n\n\![*]Changed the formatting of the code in the menus. Maybe I'll change it back later, we'll see!\n\n\![*]Improved the readability of the system info and config menus by using anchors to highlight information.\n\n\![*]Added Sanitize function.\n\n\![*]Made name changing escape sakurascript tags.\n\n\![*]Changed ghostexlist to use C_BYTE1 as a delimiter.\n\n\![*]Added protection to email headers so that sakurascript tags cannot be executed from displaying headers.\n\n\![*]Shell scaling function can now check for Y scaling as well. nowscale has been updated to an array, where element 0 is the X scaling and element 1 is the Y scaling.\n\n\![*]Changed runtime array to a function rather than a variable. It will also reset if you reload the ghost now, because of the system it's using. No more clutter in OnSecondChange related to this, though!\n\n\![*]Removed non-interrupt system in the commu file, and replaced it with a new timerraise system where if the ghost can't talk, it will attempt to receive the communication a second time after 5 seconds. If that also fails, it will give up on it.\n\n\![*]Added dialogue for minimizing the ghost.\n\n\![*]Added Flag functions for easy flags.\n\n\![*]Removed system for moving shells to the same position when changing to them, since I don't think I'll make much use of this system in the future and it was causing some issues.\n\n\![*]Added OnOtherGhostVanished, so that you can now have different dialogues based on whether the ghost was open when another ghost was uninstalled or not.\n\n\![*]Added OnStatsRequested in commu.dic, a function for sending your ghost's stats to other ghosts who ask for them. The details of this will vary from ghost to ghost, but the structure is there now.\n\n\![*]Added X. Template Balloon, a simple and rough balloon that can be used as a template for a balloon if you want.--YAYACHANGELOG WEATHER_STATION_VER--0.0.1--WEATHER_STATION_VER